Collegiate Planners

First of all, hello, welcome to my first post, and roll Jays.

You’re either here because you share in my yearly struggle of choosing a planner, which consists of agonizing over countless blogs, online shops, YouTube videos, or even – this is a big one – driving your lazy summer bumhead to a real store to flip through some planners with your own hands. You also might be here because you are wondering what the heck I’m doing with this blog. Well, this is it, folks.

The amount of planner comparisons, discussions, and bonding sessions I’ve shared with friends and strangers at Creighton University is nothing short of obscene, but oddly I’m okay with it. Not only am I okay with it, I thrive from it. Although one’s emotional and physical well-being may depend too much on this form of life organization, it is indeed comforting to open up a magical universe of stickers and gel pens at the end of a long school day, take a deep breath, and say, “Ok, breathe Sophie. You did it. Let’s see what’s next.”

Before I move on, I think this article titled “The Disease of Being Busy” is the most important consideration amidst the planner obsession, because being “busy” isn’t what this life is really about.

I recently asked my #loyal Twitter followers to share their fondest planner recommendations with me. The thread of Q&A can be found here (and this is a shameless plug to follow me on Twitter, @SOPHHisticatedd).

Therefore, I decided to construct a list of some of the most well-loved planners at Creighton, and share them with the bounty of friends and classmates that I am so blessed to walk among day after day. I also threw in a couple new ones. Enjoy!


This one is likely to be my pick for next year (Caitlin Wright had one and I tend to copy everything she does, so…). In short: stickers, so many colors, inspiringly silly quotes, and feminism. But actually, even if you don’t buy the planner, buy a sticker book. My only worry is that each day on the page does not contain lines to write on :/ but I’m ready to be creative with it and oh wow I am so excited for the stickers.

2. Plum Paper

I would probably not buy something this extravagant until I’m an #adult, but there are so many different layout options and for efficiency’s sake, it seems great. Also great for someone who doesn’t love a ton of bright colors and other distracting things (distracting or enhancing, though? I know my answer…)

3. Emily Ley – Simplified Planner

This is the planner I held by my side for the 2016-2017 school year. I bought the daily edition, which was wonderful because I had all the room in the world to draw and scratch things out and construct lengthy to-do lists. Plus, each piece of paper nothing short of amazing thick goodness. It makes you feel like everything you’re doing is super important because you’re basically writing your schedule onto cardstock. I will definitely be re-using my page marker, which was a complete lifesaver.

Not being able to see my entire week on one page spread was a huge downer, but Emily Ley did release a weekly edition this year. Everything is sold out on their website currently, but, although an investment, I definitely recommend.

4. Erin Condren

A lot of people swear by the Erin Condren. Honestly I have never understood how to even buy the planner on the website because you build it yourself and there are a lot of steps. I hear that’s the beauty of it, though. You even customize your own name onto the cover and it seems like most things are customizable.

5. Day Designer

This is another planner with a page for each day, just like the Emily Ley I had this past year. This one more fun columns and categories, and although the covers are so cute, the pages are super simple and clean (but, you KNOW I support gel pens).

6. Rifle Paper Company

My beautiful roomie Maria had a Rifle planner this past year, and it was beautiful. It’s elegant, the covers are exquisite, and the pages have perfect margins. I’m also super into having two columns per day (one for homework/school things, one for other life things), which this planner has without sacrificing the “weekly” layout. If I don’t get the, I’m for sure getting this one.

7. Bullet Journal

This one is for the creative soul, one with a lot of time to kill. The opportunities are, quite literally, endless with this one. It is simply a book filled with identical dot-grid pages. For someone who doesn’t necessarily need a set-in-stone planner layout for every week of their lives, they are able to construct their own layouts for lists, schedules, goals, and doodles they need to get through the year.

8. inkWELL Press

This is a new one that I found today. It’s a lovely weekly planner with killer hexagonal designs, tons of fun extra pages (such as “quarterly goals” and a “mission board” at the beginning of every month), and much more.

9. Passion Planner

I almost forgot this one. This planner is beautiful and sans-spiral-bound, which I love (spirals are a nuisance tbh). It also allows you to be reflective AND organized, with weekly quotes and a section of some life questions to ponder. I’d only be worried about the crammed nature of squeezing the entire week’s schedule (by half-hour, I might add) onto just one weekly spread, but so many people love this one.


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