Creighton Lessons

Each semester of college, I came home to KC and wrote a list of some things that I learned in the previous semester. Whether the subject was myself, relationships, the world around me, or some sort of food revelation, it all shaped and loved me into my current being, and for that I am so … More Creighton Lessons


The following is the word-for-word journal entry (addressed to @God) written during my experience as an Encounter 36 student leader this past weekend. // Dear God, I am suddenly aware of the fleeting nature of everything that surrounds me. I am sitting on the floor against the left wall of the chapel between Matt Tolliver … More Fleeting


My eyes slowly shut out the expanse of both ruin and grandeur atop Kayford Mountain in West Virginia. I could no longer see the disparity between untouched nature and destroyed mountains, a symbol of the struggle between economic stability and extreme health consequences for the community I was visiting last week. Our guide Paul’s voice … More Raindrops

Espresso Yourself ;)

Picture this: Transportation-less freshman Sophie Snider is desperate to get off-campus, so much so that she calls an uber to take her to Scooter’s in the Old Market. It was a rookie’s attempt to study somewhere other than the library, somewhere without crowds of people asking each other if they’ve finished “Mastering Bio” yet. Also, I … More Espresso Yourself 😉